A little background about Steve and his music

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Growing up an “Air Force Brat”, Steve lived out of a suitcase pretty much right from birth. Growing up in exotic places like Las Vegas, Nevada, and Ankara, Turkey, gave him a unique and slightly other-worldly perspective. He writes songs about many of the places he's traveled to, one of his favorites being Santa Barbara, California. The song “El Camino Real” came from there.


The songs are certainly country-based, then they’re twisted and bent into the many flavors that make the music fun and interesting. The band "Changes" is made up of a very diverse group of musicians, and they are the ones responsible for all  that coloring. What comes out is "country-Cajun-pop", with a dash of reggae and a splash of ska, and more than just a taste of tropical flavoring.

On tour in Illinois  
Just a few of the amazing people we've been able to meet along the way
                    Amy Lee                                           Doyle Grisham                            Lt. Col. Greg Thomas                          Captain Tony
 Coral Reefer Alumni / Saxophones           Coral Reefer / Pedal Steel Guitar       Commander / USAF Thunderbirds        Legendary Key West Mayor

Steve with Amy Lee     Doyle Grisham     Thunderbird #1, Lt. Col. Greg Thomas     Captain Tony
Nadirah Shakoor               Parrothead Favorites                   Cape Verde Singer            Robert Greenidge           Doyle Grisham, Nadirah Shakoor,
   Coral Reefer               Tall Paul and Crawdaddy                      Ilo Ferreira             Coral Reefer / Steel Pans       and Jim Mayer / Coral Reefers

Nadirah Shakoor with Steve   Taul Paul and Crawdaddy   Ilo Fierria with Steve   Doyle Grisham and Robert Greenidge   Doyle, Nadirah, Steve and Jim
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