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Steve and his band "Changes" make music that is a blend of "Trop-Rock", country, Cajun, Reggae, and sing-along pop.  Members of Jimmy Buffett's "Coral Reefer Band" make appearances on almost every CD.  You can find these CDs at their live shows, and online at CDBabyMP3 downloads are available at CDBabyi-Tunes, and other popular online download sites.


FIVE YEAR PLAN   Buy Now    Buy Now  

Dreaming about leaving the grind behind and heading for the sunny tropical islands?
"Five Year Plan" is a collection of eleven songs about where we’ve been, where we are, and that sunny tropical island where we would all like to end up. Even the CD cover-art displays the Yin & Yang of the rush-hour traffic to the serene tropical sunset. The release of this fourth CD in early of 2012 coincides with the official 10-year anniversary of the band. The first saxophone note of the Ska-flavored "Five Year Plan" kicks the disc off in high gear.  The raucousness of the title track is contrasted with the quiet beauty of songs like "Everything Changes", "Best Foot Forward" and "Only In My Mind".  The album transitions seamlessly from Ska to sea shanties, country to New Orleans Junker piano tunes, and even straight-ahead rock and roll.  Amy Lee and Doyle Grisham from Jimmy Buffett’s “Coral Reefer Band” again make many appearances, and Jason Roseman introduces the steel pan to the band on “Sail On”.    

They say that to get anywhere in life, you have to have a  Five Year Plan!

FIVE YEAR PLAN is available on-line at CDBaby, Amazon and Apple iTunes



11 "Trop-Pop" songs about sun, fun, friends and life.........

Featuring: Doyle Grisham and Amy Lee from Jimmy Buffett's Coral Reefer Band Judy Hyman from The Horseflies and Natalie Merchant Band.  Like their previous CDs, Summer State of Mind blends elements of Cajun, country, folk, rock and reggae styles, exploring the types of fusions that have brought such great success to Jimmy Buffett, Alan Jackson, and Kenny Chesney. The band has hooked up with some musical friends who jumped in to lend a hand on the new CD. Summer State of Mind features Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefers Band alumni Doyle Grisham on pedal steel guitar and Amy Lee on saxophone. Also joining in on the fun is Judy Hyman, who found time to play her fiddle on the CD in between tours with Natalie Merchant and leading her own newgrass band The Horseflies.

No matter what the weather outside the window might be, this CD will always put you in a Summer State of Mind!

SUMMER STATE OF MIND is available online at CDBaby, Amazon, and Apple iTunes



Tequila-inspired sun-driven fun........ 

9 great songs about the crazy life we lead.  An acoustic/electric blend of country, Cajun, reggae, pop, and trop-rock.and exciting blend of tropical, Cajun and country styles.  With Mariane "Miyanna" Nielsen on saxophone and vocalist Hannah Freidenberg, the groups songs have a wider range than ever before. Multi-instrumentalist Guy Wallis adds  mandolin, to this collection, while still keeping up with the blues harp and keyboards. Percussionist Brandon Marger continues to create smoking groove lines underneath it all. These songs are a collection of real-life happenings, stories that everyone can relate to. From the title track, "Tequila Inspiration", about doing crazy things under the influence of said alcoholic beverage, to the comical " Cabana Cowboy", a tale about a lost soul who finds his place in life renting out beach chairs and chasing tourist girls from a fake Tiki-hut on a beach in Key West.  "El Camino Real" closes the CD with a look a Steve's favorite spot to go and think. Its the name of a highway that runs along the mountains of the California coastline, and is spotted with old missions and grand views of the Pacific Ocean below.

TEQUILA INSPIRATION is available online at CDBaby, Amazon, and Apple iTunes


BY THE SEA    Buy Now    Buy Now

The group's first collection of original music.  
Showcasing what has become our signature live sound, an energetic blend of rock, country, reggae, and trop-rock flavors which is hard to label, but easy to enjoy. Former "Radio Margaritaville" guest DJ John Cody's "Endless Summer" program, on internet radio station "Live 365 Permanent Vacation Radio" , uses the track "What Life's About" for the theme song to his show, and airs different cuts every month. 
The track "Boat Around The World" has been used in a film by producer Scott Kittredge, and most recently in the upcoming movie "Indiana James and the Lost Shaker of Salt".

BY THE SEA is available online at CDBaby, Amazon, and  Apple iTunes

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