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Stop wondering which songs are from which album, or what a specific song title is so that you can download it from i-Tunes....Plus a few clips of select songs.


By The Sea
Released in 2004

By The Sea  *mp3*
Clifford  *mp3*
What Life's About
Seven Days
Take Me Back
Others I’ve Got To Loose
Boat Around the World  *mp3*
Rainy Day

Tequila Inspiration
Released in 2006

Tequila Inspiration *mp3*
The Morning After
Daddy’s Old Harmonica
Cabana Cowboy *mp3*
Always Colder In Buffalo
Last Time
Once In A While
Drive Me Back To Drinkin’
El Camino Real*mp3*

Summer State of Mind
Released in April 2009

Summer State Of Mind *mp3*
Must Be Nice *mp3*
Where’d My Time Go
Nothing Better Than This *mp3*
Life’s A Circle
Night People
Out On The Water *mp3*
Leave It Behind
It’s Different Here
What’cha Thinking

Five Year Plan
Released in 2012

Five Year Plan
It's All Good
We Wouldn't Do This
Only In My Mind
Working Boats
Best Foot Forward
Just One Step
Everything Changes
Where To From Here
Sail On
Dancing The Night Away



East Of Vegas
Released in 1994 - Currently unavailable

East Of Vegas *mp3*
No Sign
Chasin' Memories
Long Goodbyes
Another Day
Hard Days Comin'
Empty Glass *mp3*
Just Can't Wait
Face The Pain
East Of Vegas (reprise)
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